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It's Live!

Get it now ...

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Re: It's Live!

It's impressive how you did that in 3 month. I am myself just a few days before jumping right into iOS/objC development for an app for a business software. I will, however, do not have the option to play SV via iOS.

Concerning SV I am still playing the SV4 hack/clone GALAXIAE. Perhaps I'll return to SV "X" if there will be a Windows version, but what I expect is the same as the last 10 years:

A simple way to code scenarios, maps, brains, and maybe additional unit types or map objects. An option to save multiplayer and single players games atleast on a server is important because I in most cases play matches with 250, 500 or even 750 star system over several hours/sessions. And finally I would like to run my own server for local communities to decide on my own which scenarios will run, and how leagues and ranks are calculated.

Thx for getting the option to hack SV4. It still runs perfectly. One of the best SV versions ever. Atleast because it runs even with >500 star systems and several players very fast with a constant rate of 1 impulse per 1 to 1,5 secs.

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