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It's Done!

Solar Vengeance for the iPad is completed! Next steps are to gather a few screen shots and complete the submission to the App Store for approval.

The newest incarnation of Solar Vengeance features:

- New Brain: Athenus - uses InkSpots and Startillery.
- New Brain: Maximizar - uses Refineries and Zealots.
- Improved Brain: Striker
- New StarShip: Refinery - doubles Resources deposited there.
- New StarShip: Carrier - can transport other StarShips.
- New StarShip: Zealot - can convert other StarSystems.
- New Scenario: Trade Wars - collect Resources from the rich central StarSystems to win.

It uses Apple's Game Center for multi-player games, which for now means a maximum of 4 players per multiplayer game. Keep an eye out here for future developments!

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