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(a) We want to play Solar Vengeance on computers / notebooks without an internet access. (b) We do not want to be forced to play from EUROPE on a remote server in the USA. (c) We do not want to invest time in learning and promoting a game where we cannot be sure that the server is switched off in a year - and this time we cannot hack it to bring the game back as in 2007. (d) We had client and server files for SV4. We had them for SV5. And in both cases it was quite simple to start a match for 2 or even 10 players in a WLAN or a closed LAN. (e) We do not want to play online. (f) And in many situations it is also impossible to play with internet access because of firewall settings or because of a limited traffic. (g) We do not want to ask our friends to play game where we cannot be sure if this game will exist in 12 months and if it really can be played with the same rules as today. (h) We think it is not fair that fans for the game developed many brains and scenario types, however finally do not have a chance to change, to improve or even to play their work if the server is gone one day.

SV players are creative and like strategy games. Reducing Solar Vengeance just to a browser game without the possibily to start servers or editing the game changes the game concept. This is not the SolarVengeance we would like to play.

We suggest that the server files should be offered to all players and developers that have joined the discussion in the last years. It might be easy to find them because they all head to register at runboard and may thus be mailed via direct message.

And finally we suggest to found a foundation for the further development and promotion of this game as it was done for other open source projects as apache, typo3 etc. And we will support every group of developers that will do that.

This projects is nearly dead. Or it is already dead. No posts in this board. Less than 10 finished online matches among the top15 ranking players in the last 5 or 6 months: The community is dead. The scenario building and brain programming contest is dead.

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