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SV6: WarShips should remember their last target

This is a common problem: If a player orders 10 warships to conquer a certain starsystem and the 1st ship already conquered it then the following 9 units stop movement and do not have a command at all.

If two starlords try to conquer the same system it often happens that the system changes its ownership. Because your units have forgotten that they had the order to conquer that system just a few seconds ago you have to order them again to move to that system. (At the moment the only way to automatically create the appropriate order is a directory unit.)

The player should be able to define with units should simply defend the area around the starsystem (by simply order to defend a square next to the system). And the player should also be able to define which units should try to conquer that system; this command should always stay active like defense orders.

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