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Furukoo new Silverlight Game

I am silverlight developper too.

PrismServer is a very great job !

My game use HTTP protocol based on WebClient to exchange timestamped datas from wamp server using php.

You can see communication with tool like Firebug ou IE debugBar. GET and POST

Try on (UserName : guest / Password : guest )

What do you think about ?


Tutorial :

1 - Two players must be connected at the same time to play.
2 - First player clic on the Play button for proposing game in the select zone.
3 - Second player clic on the game button to accpet in the select zone.
4 - The game board appear.
5 - First player clic on the grey cases of the game board for placing one red pawn.
6 - Second player play for placing one black pawn.
7 - When each player have placed 7 red pawns and 7 black pawns, the move mode start.
8 - Move pawn by clicking on the pawn, it becomes "orange", the click on the green destination case.

The first who closed a square with his pawns is the winner.

You can see board game here.


You can also try Silverlight MiniChat (10Ko):

Silverlight/PHP MiniChat

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