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SV5 Shots

I know this will slow down the game a bit, but...

I saw some coments from Dion of new graphics for SV5. I saw new explosions, new stars, but, and the shots??

When a warship is designed to attack a ship, when it gets near, I just hear the sound (in really that's impossible, but let's forget that...) and the enemy ship rattles and smokes. But where are the shots?? Lasers, beams, guns, ammo, missles, sharp mechanical hands, what?? Mental force, like StarWars?

In SV5 would be graphs for shots, like lasers, so for warships it's just a line towards the enemy, in case of startillery, a small spark shot in direction of the enemy, in high speed, obiously, taking 1 impulse to reach, or less. Drones is a beam that comes from the entire ship toward the enemy (there's no survivor from a drone, as it explodes in one way!). BS is kinda warships, but with a laser with another colour. Inkspot would be a throwing of a small chip, or something near (1 pixel).

And where are the shades of SV?? A star looks a solid 2d circle, the ships too... I do shades well, if is the case of drawing I do that! I'm good for drawing shades for doing 3d from 2d, and do a real spheric star!
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